I am a sucker for debunking myths. People never believe me when I telll them leaving the pit in the guac doesn’t keep it from being brown or that cold weather doesn’t make you sick in winter.









Random Thoughts

Running is my friend. Really though… think about it for a second. Whenever I don’t feel that great– low energy, not that happy about life, or unmotivated, I go running and I feel better. Running is a friend that is always there for me.

Also, wanted to note that I HATE the word chaplain. Think about it. What is a chaplain? A chaplain is a nondenominational priest-like person at a hospital that has the job of talking to you when someone is about to die or there is a grave crisis. I read http://www.usatoday.com/travel/news/2004-12-20-chapel-usat_x.htm this interesting article… did you know airports have chapels?!

Legal and Current Events Musings…

All this Conrad Murray stuff is just so sad. It’s weird, because my entire life of watching the news and whatnot, I usually feel worse for the accused/guilty etc. than the victim themselves. It’s not that I don’t think they deserve it, it’s just sad to see such a lost person get what they brought upon themselves. He absolutely belongs in jail! It’s just so pathetic and sad. Perhaps I will go into defense law? We’ll see.