Limitless: A Metaphor For Many Things

Have you seen the movie Limitless? I watched it (sort of… I was also doing other things) tonight (since I’m sick) and was fascinated by it. It’s such a metaphor for so many things in our modern lives… the blatant one would be drug use, but also, just a metaphor for the fast-paced life itself. I remember hearing him say “Only problem? If I wasn’t moving forward, I felt like I was going to explode” as he was referring to his fast-paced life on the adderall-like drug the movie focuses on. Except my thought was “wow…I feel this way everyday.” That’s not such a good thing I don’t think. We talk about this a lot in my yoga teacher training, and I’m beginning to become more aware of it. The main character also begins to be sick from taking the drug… eventually, everyone who takes it just dies. This is exactly like the way we’re stressed in today’s society: we are all running around with headaches, cancer, stomach pains, and having heart attacks (just to name a few of the many effects stress can contribute to), and we can’t stop and just say “enough!” Trust me, though– this isn’t me complaining about this, because I myself am a part of this. But I think recognition is the first step.


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